Monday, February 4, 2013

♥We Bestie Forever♥

I know. that we all have best friends, including myself, best friend? what is the meaning of a good friend? the true best friend is, always understand us no matter sad or happy, they always understand us.. they always entertains us when us sad, and best friend also mean they will do everything for us.. and for me that is the true meaning of best friend~ and I want share about my best friend~
Ercy Gracella..She's my bestie, we meet since we 4 years old~ she cute, pretty, always make me happy, always entertains me when i sad. . and she smile just like a sunshine :') we never dispart ..never fight ..always together forever~ ♥ Love Her :') ..Don't ever broke her heart, broke her heart ? I'll broke your face~ :3
♥4.2.2013 Is the happiest moment of day

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